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BBC Learning English

A great site with current stories in the news and lots of online listening practice. A great free source for practicing English. Be sure to test out the vocabulary which is explained at the bottom of each page. A great tool for expanding your wordcount

Youtube is a great resource and many full length TV shows are available for public viewing. The lack of subtitles can make it hard for those that aren`t advanced enough to watch a whole drama but you should try it anyway.


Besides this there are tonnes of great kids shows available to watch. Try to get your youngsters interested in English and connect up some of these channels to your TV. Recommendations include

Sesame Street         Blues` Clues         The Wiggles

PBS YouTube channel              World PBS YouTube channel

Youtube (for kids)

links`study links


Here are some great free resources to help you with your English study. We can always use some help expanding our vocabulary and listening skills so click on these links to get your English to the next level.

Not really a study site but a site with lots of information and tips for those that are looking to take the test and hopefully enter a foreign university or institution.

While using a translator can be useful. it can be very inacurate especially between English and Japanese.


Try an English English dictionary and learn meanings in the target language. Also check out the Thesaurus option which gives synonyms (similar words) and antonyms (opposites)

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